Islands of Ghosts

Book Two Now Available

Islands of Ghosts is the second book of The Islands series; it follows Ginny's continuing adventures in the world of the islands.

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Islands of Stone

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Islands of Stone, the first book of the series, is available in Paperback and ebook for Amazon Kindle.

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Christopher Borrelli

Christopher Borrelli has been a working screenwriter for the past decade. In that time he has sold half a dozen original feature scripts, and surpassed that number in studio assignments and pitch sales. He is the creator of four completed films, two of which are currently in post production: “The Vatican Tapes” releases theatrically in May 2015 with “Eloise,” starring Eliza Dushku, Robert Patrick, and Chace Crawford releasing later in the year. His fifth film, the action-thriller "Wake", begins rolling February 17 starring Bruce Willis and Sir Ben Kingsley. The Islands series is Borrelli’s first foray into the literary world. He lives in the Hollywood Hills.